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If you would like additional information on the services offered by DFA Financing, contact one of the following representatives or complete the form at right.

Jay Hicks 817-308-3007
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Oklahoma, Eastern Texas

Steve Kowalski 913-901-7122
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Idaho

Sheryl Oswalt 269-615-0537
Ohio, Indiana, Michigan

Thomas Rogers II 315-447-5207
Arizona, New Mexico, Western Texas, Western Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia

Dean Smith 315-380-6387
Western New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Delaware, Maryland

Donna Tyo 315-382-9124
Central, Eastern and Northern New York, New England

Aaron Troyer 816-516-6507
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota

Note: DFA Finance also services states that are not listed above. Call 1-866-283-4629 for more details.

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